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Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie. I think this might digress into a long rant so I apologise in advance! I've been vegan for a year and a half now, vegetarian before that for most of my life. I have never been diagnosed with an ed but I've had issues with my body for a long time. At the moment, i'm determined to lose a stone. I've lost a stone so far, but i've not been doing so well since i've been feeling stressed and emotional. I recently had a minor panic attack in a health food shop just because of all the choice. I've become so used to going to the supermarket and ignoring most of the isles. When I went somewhere where most of the food was a possibility, i freaked out and almost ended up in tears. I'd really like to just be able to talk about it, so I don't end up going on mad binges because i feel so upset with myself.
Here are my stats:
5ft 6"
CW:132 lbs
GW1: 112lbs
GW2: 100lbs
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I'm a newb too and in the same sort of boat - vegetarian to vegan and currently in one of my "Grocery store causes panic attacks" phases, joy. Hi!
what's your diet like? I know that in comparison to everyone else here, my daily kcal intake is much higher; but I've found it to work much better for me- I cut wheat out of my diet too and now i never binge. I feel like the less choice I have with food, the better x
In November I started pushing myself really hard to get in five-a-day just to get my cals up, so I've been averaging (eek, scary scary for so many) about 1300, but I also train five to six days a week. Lately I have really been trying to limit wheat because it's my ultimate comfort food weakness, so my days have looked sort of like this:
breakfast - smoothie with fruit, water or soy milk, sometimes soyogurt
mid AM snack - apple w/a bit of PB
lunch - prepared protein like a burger or Tofurky slices, veggies
PM snack - fruit, usually
dinner - whatever the bf wants, so usually a buttload of vegetables, sometimes chik'n burgers, brown or white rice, etc

ha sorry that was a terribly long reply!
I think mine is quite similar. I eat between 1000-1400 kcals daily. I find that I have to have porridge (with water) for breakfast though or the whole day goes awry. I usually have it with frozen cherries and this plant sweetner that is low in kcals. Most of what i eat though is vegetables. Wheat based foods are definitely my ultimate comfort food too :-)