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i've been a vegaterian for about four years and a vegan for about a year now
and well i'm always told that i must be ana mia because of the way i eat, my obsessions, and the way i exercise
so how appropriate for me to join here
i personally dont think i have a ed but whatever
i'm fat
today i had a pot of chai tea and part of a cinnamon roll
this morning when i woke i had a cup of spiced chai tea and then i did 100 crunches, 50 lunges, 100 pushups and 50 twist crunches
lunch is when i ate part of the cinnamon rolland then i did 300 crunches, 150 lunges, 300 pushups, and 150 twist crunches.
i plan on repeating that later in the evening....minus the cinnamon roll wich i can't believe i even ate
i'm too ashamed to post my stats because i'm effing huge but i will tell you i'm 15 and  5'7.
so yeah
i'm new and i'd like to get to know all of you beautiful people:]
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