o.o (anasaurus_rex) wrote in veg_ed,


I was in the grocery store a week ago, (weeee they are so much fun I could spend like 8 hours shopping if only I was on my own...) and I got a sample pack of a Vega whole food health optimizer. I haven't tried it yet, it says its 110 calories for the pack, and you add a cup of water so it's not like a teaspoon and it's gone kind of thing. Anyone tried of heard of this?
I was thinking of getting a big one, 110 cals at each meal, easy to manage, not to much thinking and its got some good stuff in it. I'll do a week or two to start, detox, see how it goes, rah rah rah. It's freezing so I'm not walking much, so I think I can manage on that. Maybe it will sort out my skin, so freaking dry and itchy!!!
I'm dying to have a snowball fight right now. SO BAD.

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